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Arab bookshops in Cairo are publishing a new book about Stephen Hawking. Baghdad/Musab Ahmed

الأحد 04-08-2019 18:42

Arab bookshops in Cairo are publishing a new book about Stephen Hawking.
Baghdad/Musab Ahmed

The Arab Book Publishing House in Cairo/Egypt published a new book in early 2019 entitled:
Stephen Hawking, Disabled Qualitative, Ruthless Resolve Story. . .
Mervat Ahmed Ali’s Syrian literature is currently on display at successive Arab book fairs. (End)
Most striking of all, the book is about the scientific and personal story of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. A man who has given up despair and physical helplessness has made efforts that ordinary people do not, and has engaged in scientific research related to the universe, planets, the surrounding world, space invasions and space-time travel. The Arab Library and its shelves know Stephen Hawking only through his Arabic writings, It’s like (a summary of time history, The universe in the walnut shell, Black holes and the emerging universe, great designs, and so on, but the synthesis of these books, the introduction and analysis of Hawking’s physical theory, sorting them by topic, and showing them in a simple, clear and understandable way, was not possible before, and was acceptable to both professional and ordinary readers. This gap persisted in our knowledge and understanding of Stephen Hawking until the first Arab writer began to fill it with a book featuring Stephen Hawking’s eternal imprint in modern physics, as in his personal life.
The author Mervat Ali goes deep into Hawking’s humanistic, philosophical, political, behavioural and literary dimensions, elaborating as fully as possible on him, but omitting only one prominent title.
Interestingly, the author defends Hawking’s world fame and right to communication in his own language, not in other languages, and despite the physical and health hardships of his life, Stephen Hawking is now the envy of those who depend on him. His reputation has spread through hurricanes, capitals and media outlets, even surpassing that of the agent of Nobel Prize-winning scientists in physics.
Who’s Stephen Hawking? What is his family and social situation? What coincidence controlled his scientific choices and propelled him to the frontline of physics?
What’s so remarkable about his invisibility, invisibility, and invisibility? . . .
The problem prompts you to buy the book and need more than just read it. These chapters, arranged according to the author’s estimated priorities, some requiring wit, and others requiring the deconstruction and rarity of the scientific climate, report a variety of synthesis that addresses many of Stephen Hawking’s doubts about his character. Most importantly, in these chapters, the author reveals her ability and skills to bridge the gap between Stephen Hawking’s scientific achievements and those of former and synchronized scientists such as Roger Penrose.
Professor Walid Nassif, publisher of the book, said in his opening remarks:
Our new today is not entirely new, but the foundation and consolidation of our approach to serving Arab readers, as manifested in the search for missing links in the Arab reading market and in an attempt to restore the scarcity of knowledge and science through the publication of a new edition that keeps pace with the changes in civilization. We strive to stand out in the finest attire on the basis of a working group of eminent authors and experts in general knowledge. We believe that, owing to the continuous development of scientific achievements and their rapid popularization in the fields of physics, cosmology and, in particular, communications technology, the innovations in modern physics and science that have not yet entered the Arab curricula are among the “gaps” that need to be restored as soon as possible.
Therefore, it is recommended that we choose Stephen Hawking, a renowned physicist, as the subject of this publication, so that we may join him in fulfilling our inspiring mission of serving Arab culture. (May God help us accomplish this task and carry it out in a way that pleases God and our finest Arab readers.)
For the Baghdad-based Iraqi Creator magazine, Stephen Hawking’s book The Disabled and Syrian writer Murphy Ali’s Unswerving Resolve received pioneering honors. No paper magazine found the book before its creator and affirmed it, preserving the right of the author and the right of the Arab Writers’ Home to complete the first edition of the Arab Writers in the British world (Stephen Hawking, the myth of contemporary physics in the twenty-first century).
Stephen Hawking’s books The Disabled and The Unswerving Resolve are gaining popularity.
Obtain when displayed on paper and electronic publishing platforms.A brief CV for the writer: Mervat Ahmad Ali
Profession: A teacher of Arabic
Nationality: Syrian Arab
A member of Arab Writers, a member of Story & Novel Writers Association
She’s published a variety of short stories, novel & drama, besides children literature in both poetry & prose
She’s been awarded many Arabic Awards all over the region. Here are some of which, just first place :
1- Sheikha/ Souaad Al-Sabbah Award for the best story collection (Kuwait)
2- Sheikh Hazzaa Bin Zayed Al Nehyan’s Siblings Award for the Arab Child Culture
(Abu Dhabi), for the best biography.
3- Arab Maids’ Clubs & Arab woman talent (Sharjah) Awards for the best story collection.
4- Dar Al-Fajer Award for the best short story (Jordan)
5- Al-Arabi Magazine Contest Award for the best short story in Kuwait
6- Dar Maha for Publishing, distributing & Translation House Award for the best Arabic Novel.
7-Ranin Institution Award for the best child-listening story in Jordan.
8- Sekhara Akheto International Award for child singing-dancing drama.
She’s been awarded many Syrian Literary Awards in story, novel, drama & child literature, among which is Al-Battani Award for short story, Al-Mazra’a Award for Literary Creativity for the best novel.
Syrian Ministry of Education Award for the best theatrical text for children.
Contact No. 0937810871
Email mervgym@gmail.com
Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010344215151

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